Sign the #Blexit #BlackTransferChallenge Pledge

#BlackTransferChallange Pledge


As a community member who holds an active bank account, I acknowledge the predatory, discriminatory and inequitable practices forced upon Black people by big banks. I acknowledge that it is my money that finances the ongoing disenfranchisement of black people through systematically racist banking institutions.


I acknowledge the history of systemic victimization and strategic poverty driven practices that have siloed Black communities for decades. Big banks have been major contributors to the current state of crisis for the Black community by issuing large amounts of subprime mortgages for homes in redlined neighborhoods which created impoverished communities, spawned violence, illegal drug activity, toxic environmental elements, underfunded schools, a pipeline to the prison industrial complex and the greatest economic collapse of our time.


Today, I choose to take a stand.


I pledge to open an account and deposit at least $100.00 in a Black owned bank as an act of solidarity and civil resistance to financial institutions that have benefited from the victimization of Black people. I will no longer wholly and blindly participate in systems that benefit from the pain of Black people.




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