Economic Resistance Building Economic Renaissance


Blexit, established 2016, is a strategic movement towards Black independence through economic resistance, civil disobedience and organized investment into the Black economy. We will no longer participate in or contribute to economic affairs that contribute to our demise.

We are a nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, MN, which has been named the 2nd worst state in the country for Black people. The disparities between whites and Blacks are wide and deep across all areas of life. Our local resistance and activism is strong, still, our current crisis requires action in the streets, board rooms, city halls, and state houses.

Up until now corporations and economic structures who have contributed to the state of crisis in Black America have had the luxury of passivity. #Blexit is a movement to change that. The Black economy contributes 1.1 trillion dollars to the American economy, not to mention the revenue we generate as victims of racist and predatory practices across public and private sectors. The time has come to shift our dollars in ways that benefit and protect us all.

This movement is not just for Black people, we ask all people who want to see equity in our state and Nation to join us in divesting from systems that benefit from our pain and investing in the Black economy and allies who support it. 

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