Against Us: Theft of Free Will and Interstate Collaboration of Militarized Police Forces at Standing Rock

Blexit continually promotes exiting the systems that cause our pain. Whether these systems are corporations, government institutions or any other groups who cause pain that is physical or mental, temporary or systemic, Blexit promotes exiting them.

These systems use pain that is traumatic, especially in their deceit and immorality. These systems use pain while at the same time claiming a morality that deceitfully impersonates our own free will, takes actions on our own behalf, and denies responsibility for the trauma they cause. These systems cause pain that is complex and traumatic. While they persecute and assault us, they also vindicate themselves with claims of protecting and defending us.

The need for exiting the systems that cause our pain is being exemplified by the environmental and classical racism violently carried out through the persevering collusion of taxpayer-funded-militarized police forces, and private oil companies at Standing Rock.

They are immorally aggressive and violent.

They are deceitfully veiled by the pretense of public safety.

Their immorality and deceit is directed at our friends and family; it is even directed at many of us who are at Standing Rock now. The pain they are causing moves us to agonize in regret over our actions that have empowered them to impersonate our own free will and take action on our own behalf - against us.

Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies use batons on Dakota Access Pipeline protesters
A coalition of multi-state police forces including Hennepin County Sheriff's use violent aggression against the Dakota Access Pipeline Water Protectors.
Photo Credit: City Pages


As militarized police forces from Hennepin County, Minnesota, travel hundreds of miles across state lines to collaborate in violent aggression against Water Protectors in Standing Rock, citizens of Hennepin County agonize in regret of their actions that set the stage for this violence to be carried out on their own behalf. They question themselves:

Was it my vote?

Was it my political affiliation?

Was it my support of taxes and levies meant to improve my own safety?

Perhaps it was all of the above, maybe it was none of the above. However, from the fog of regret emerges the clarity of content in knowing the necessary next step. It’s time to exit the systems that cause us pain.

This exit reclaims our own free will and our own actions for use in pursuit of our own morality. This exit places the responsibility for the aggression, pain and violence squarely on the systems who are responsible.

It’s time ya’ll.





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