Injustice Boycott Coming to the Twin Cities?

Minneapolis/St. Paul fit the Injustice Boycott's criteria for cities to be targeted early in the action.
Image Credit: University of Minnesota

Journalist/Activist Shaun King addressed Facebook Live viewers on the morning of Thursday, December 1, 2016, preparing them for the launch of the Injustice Boycott (IB) on Monday, December 5th. During his address, King made it clear that the organizers of the Injustice Boycott are keeping their cards close, disclosing very few details about the boycott until its launch. Just two days from the action, there are still many unknowns. It is unknown which cities and companies are being targeted, who all the boycott organizers are, and it is not known how supporters of this boycott will be asked to show up. What is known is that:

  • The Injustice Boycott will place demands on 3 cities at a time and boycott those cities until the demands are met. When one city meets its demands, its boycott will end, then a new city will be targeted.

  • “Progressive” cities with well-known track records of police brutality and racial inequities will be targeted first.

  • The boycott will find ways to support POC-owned businesses, even if they reside in a city that is being targeted.

  • Supporters will be contacted via email or text on/near December 5th.

  • All supporters will play a role, whether they live in/near the targeted city, or in another city altogether.

 At Blexit, we endorse the tactic of keeping information about boycott actions close, so we support the concept of Injustice Boycott and all boycotting specifically for the benefit of Black people, even though we are not yet privy to the full details of the action. We have also kept silent about the details our own actions because it is an effective way of stifling opposition propaganda that could derail the boycott action and discourage supporters.

We are committed to boldly uplifting women and Black people during all boycott actions we organize or support. We are committed to boycott actions that are Black led, Black women led, and acknowledge that Black people are already targeted by systems of oppression so they should not be the targets of their own actions to rid themselves oppression. If the Injustice Boycott or any other national boycott action centered the Black community upholds these same commitments, we are committed to supporting those actions.

We will not know if the Injustice Boycott is coming to the Twin Cities until December 5th, but we are watching the events as they unfold. There is no doubt that the Twin Cities fits the criteria to be one of the first cities targeted. The region calls itself “progressive”, Minnesota is the second worst state for disparities between Black and white people, the tragic extra-judicial killings of Jamar Clark and Philando Castille were high profile, and Mr. King recently visited Macalester College and North High School. We are confident that the Injustice Boycott will come to the Twin Cities, and we won’t be surprised if it comes here first.


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