We created an economic resistance movement last year when we diverted thousands of dollars from big box stores to Northside Minneapolis Black-owned businesses. And we’re about to do it again.

Join us for the second annual Black Friday on Broadway and show our local Black-owned businesses that they matter.

This year we are proud to announce additional partnerships and participants including H. White Mens Room and New Rules. We’ll be featuring dozens of small business vendors, as well as Northside storefronts, who have amazing deals on quality goods.  

After you RSVP here, share this invitation with your friends, family and neighbors. 

Help us divert the 70 billion Black Friday dollars going to corporations into local Black businesses. 

Welcome to the evolution.

November 24, 2017 at 4pm - 8pm
West Broadway Avenue North
Nicky Ess Vee Gee Yeamah Bonu Brewer Nancy Waldoch Carrie Monroe ChawNita M. Davis Bill Cottman Cara Deanes Janine Joy Sanders Jones Drew Lemmie Johnny Witz Makram El-Amin Richmond Jetoh Alicia Davis Prentiss Jones Michelle Stagu Mohamed Hassan Raymond Camper David Scherer Deja Joelle Stowers James Miller-Malone Chrissy Will Kristel Porter Nicole Crust Naitoh Henrika Kai Rose Marie Shannon-Matias Chris Brown Taliona Mai Hajisalad Wesley Whitfield Camille A. Thomas April Christiansen-Collins Joni Anderson Linda Clare Breitag Marta Barnett Teto L. Wilson Leah Lohan Dale Sullivan Phillipe Cunningham Mao Xiong Dee Jackson-McIntosh Kendra Sundvall Margaret Zadra Tensley Tish Elle Elaine Stephens Rasmussen Shawn Moore KerryJo Felder Marta Luiza Razkolnikov Feder Natasha P. Anthony Dew

Will you come?



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