Our Work

During our meetings we brainstorm campaign ideas, then flesh them out until we have strategies and actions that will make AN impact.

We maintain an equitable grassroots process to developing our campaigns.

The campaigns vary based on what participants, volunteers, members and leaders decide.

The campaigns we are currently working on are below. Although this is our current platform, it is not a concrete list, it’s a living document and will grow and adjust to current events, capacity and concern.





*Big Banks

Big banks have been major contributors to the current state of crisis for the Black community by issuing large amounts of subprime mortgages for homes in redlined, toxic neighborhoods which created impoverished communities, spawned violence, illegal drug activity, toxic environmental elements, underfunded schools, a pipeline to the prison industrial complex and the greatest economic collapse of our time.



Payday Lending

Payday lending companies are predatory and target vulnerable Black workers. They charge huge fees for payday loans that leave workers without bank accounts with less money to support themselves and their families.



Public Schools

Minnesota Public schools have a deplorable record of disparities for black students. Even with huge budgets and high graduation rates and test scores for white students, Black students are falling further and further behind. Promises have been made and broken for last decades as our Black students pay the price for our schools failures.



Big Retail & Holiday Consumerism, Companies using Prison Labor

Billions of our dollars go towards daily consumerism and fill the pockets of companies who pay poverty wages, maintain discriminatory hiring and disciplinary practices, sell products made with prison labor and dodge responsibilities to make a meaningful contribution  the communities they reside in.



State Fairs

The MN State Fair is supposed be a celebration of the community, however the Black community is underrepresented when it comes to the vendors who pocket millions in revenue each year. While thousands of Black residents spend their hard earned money at the state fair, Black business owners aren't currently benefiting from it. The State Fair should be as diverse as the state it celebrates.



Black Farmers Market

Minnesota has a growing number of Black farmers, artisans, crafters and small business owners but most of the community arent aware because there hasnt been a centralized space to buy and sell. A Black Farmers Market will be a space for community and commerce.




Criteria for Ally Businesses

There are many local businesses who join us in our fight for equity and justice and many who may want to join us but aren't sure how. We are working on Business Ally Criteria that will be a guide for businesses who want to be formally named as allies to Blexit. This criteria will also let the community know what local businesses they should freely patronize.






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