Clarification for Current and New Members Regarding the Blexit Movement

Blexit is a non-profit organization based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota operating nationally since July, 2016, organizing economic resistance towards financial renaissance in response to systems of oppression. A political organization, not affiliated with Blexit, has recently started using the name "Blexit" without our permission. Unfortunately, this is causing confusion we are working to promptly resolve.

To clear up the confusion:

1. Blexit is not affiliated with MAGA or political organizations intending to sway Black voters to right-wing ideology. Blexit in its nature is not a political agenda but a theory of change to collectively build institutional economic agency that benefits Black Americans (learn more about our credit union project here).

2. Some may have inadvertently signed up as Blexit members, or donated money to Blexit recently. If this is you, please use the opt-out link at the end of this message or request a refund within 30 days by emailing Refunds may take 7 days to process.

We are truly thankful for our members and how you supported Black liberation through economic renaissance. Right now, we kindly ask for your patience as we dispel the confusion caused by infringement on our name and work. There is more to come soon, including information on what you can do to help dispel misinformation.

In cooperation,
Blexit, Established 2016



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