What is #Blexit?


Blexit is a strategic movement towards Black independence through economic boycotting, civil disobedience and organized investment into the Black economy. Blexit promotes invest/divest strategies as a requirement for dismantling systems of oppression and empowering Black people.

What is the #Blexit #BlackTransferChallenge?


The #BlackTransferChallenge was started by @HBCUWallStreet and is used as a tool for Black empowerment by investing in Black owned Banks and divesting from conventional banking institutions. The challenge is to open a bank account at a Black owned bank or credit union, share your experience on social media and challenge your friends to do the same. #Blexit is partnering with @HBCUWallStreet by organizing ongoing nationwide actions for the #BlackTransferChallenge by asking people to pledge to open an account during the action.

What Bank/s are being used for the #Blexit #BlackTransferChallenge?


We have currently identified 3 Black owned Banks with robust online banking platforms. Go to our Black Banks page to learn more.


Other than being Black owned, how are the banks chosen different from the big banks?


The Black owned Banks that we have chosen have been interviewed personally by our core team leaders. Unlike big banks they do not use predatory lending practices, the do not prioritize fees as a revenue stream, they offer several community programs that benefit the Black community and maintain community-based philosophies of banking.



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